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Why Miami Real Estate Works

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 Downtown Miami 2011


AM-headshot-blogMiami is an enigma to most of the rest of America. I know, because I’m a native “Anglo” and nobody in America (the rest of America) understands my world!

It is a conglomeration of many different cultures, languages and interests in a community with beautiful beaches, great national sports teams, art museums, medical centers, performing arts centers, universities, nightlife, great hotels and restaurants, luxury homes and condominiums, and the second largest international banking center in America. It has the largest passenger cruise port in the world and rivals JFK for the largest international airport in America. This infrastructure is an attractive combination that brings investors, shoppers, students, and vacationers from all over the world.

Miami real estate works because it is the link between the rich capital markets and high tech capability of North America and the natural resources and cheap labor forces of Latin America. It is an inviting place where people can usually speak their own native language to their attorney, accountant, architect, engineer, or doctor, as well as to their restaurant waiter and store clerk. All of these advantages can be enjoyed in a safer, more stable environment with airlines, telephones, roadways and a legal system and government that works.

It’s the best of both worlds where people can source expertise to build their business for a real estate project back in their home country or bring capital to expand their business or build a project in South Florida. Our office leasing agents have discovered a new trend: For many years, the trend was for US corporations and financial institutions to locate their Latin American offices in Miami to expand their business to the south. Now, there is also a move of major Central and South American companies to locate their international headquarters or North American offices in Miami for their expansion to the north!

Miami Real Estate works, and it’s no longer a joke that Miami is the capitol of Latin America because frankly it really is, and, it’s convenient because it’s so close to the United States!

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