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Today’s Urban Planning Combines Work, Home and Play

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AM-headshot-blogYou’ve heard of one stop shopping. Well, the latest trend in urban planning calls for one stop living – essentially bringing the work, home and play aspects of life into close proximity.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned at Allen Morris over our nearly 60-year history, it’s that real estate demands change with each new generation.

The millenials want a living experience in which they don’t have to drive far, or at all, to get to work, see a movie, shop, eat and play. This is in direct contrast to the world in which I grew up. Actually, my parent’s generation (post WWII) started it. The car was king and Americans got used to driving everywhere on our newly paved and expanding freeways.

The result was congestion. The urban core died. We moved out to the suburbs to avoid the heavy traffic and crime of the inner cities.

Remember downtown Miami in the 1970’s? Who would have thought that an area largely avoided by the middle class would now be a thriving metropolis that is consistenly named one of the top real estate markets in the world.

The new direction in urban planning is perfectly timed for the debut of our multi-family division. The history of the Allen Morris company is strictly commercial real estate – building and managing office, retail and industrial space. But, our future is already on a roll with projects in the works that fit well with the new paradygm. Our SLS LUX Brickell condominium project integrates private luxury living with retail, restaurants and bars, and hotel services. The complex is located right across the street from Brickell City Center now under construction and next to Mary Brickell Village.

The combination of live, work and play under one roof was very intentional in our 57 story SLS LUX Tower. We are also designing our multi-family rental projects to combine “rental home living” with great restaurants, business services and entertainment amenities on site.

Watch to see how our center cities and the suburbs change with the new emphasis of the holistic living environment.

It’s a better world ahead!


Read more on this subject in the Miami Herald – Downtown Miami emerging as retail destination


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