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Where is the “barn door” between your work life and your personal life?

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AM-headshot-blogIn a world in which personal time and professional time blur with 24/7 access to emails, text messages and instant online research, what defines our work space and how do we set boundaries around our personal time so that our lives stay in balance?


If you are an entrepreneur or a self-employed professional, do you work at home? In your car? In a Regus or We Work shared office “hive?” How much time and money do we waste commuting to a remote work location, day after day, year after year? How much do we psychologically contaminate our daily personal life because we have no separation of healthy down time when we work in our own bedroom, kitchen or living room? Is there no sacred space where we can turn it off and disconnect?


Those are the questions I have been asking myself for years about my own professional/personal life separation, and now am considering for the independent entrepreneur and professional as I design building spaces that fit today’s workforce. Is there a way to eliminate wasteful daily commutes, yet not have to work at the kitchen table or have clients come into the home space? This launched the Allen Morris Company’s latest social experiment – The Barn Door! An apartment with two entrances: One for the office and one for the residence with just a barn door to separate the two.


At our latest development 5.1 miles north of Orlando at the Maitland City Centre, we have 24 Live + Work Units. The question is, will this really create the best of both worlds?


For years, millennials across the country have been on a search for a lifestyle where they can create their own work/life balance. From working remotely to co-working spaces, they want mobility and flexibility.


We caught on to that trend and sought to bring an impressive and inspiring mixed-use development that offers just that – a place where residents of all ages can live their best lives, work in inspiring office spaces attached to their homes, and play in the vast array of resort-like amenities and impressive roster of retail, dining and entertainment concepts. Residents of one of the 24 live/work units will be able to wake up and go to work in the comfort of their own home. All in a bustling, walkable and accessible on-demand lifestyle that so many yearn for.


With two separate entrances, residents have full access to their office through a large sliding connecting “Barn Door” doorway. The modern offices connect to the homes and are fully-equipped with space for equipment, colleagues, and space to host clients. The office can function independently, or open to flow into the living room. We built conference rooms down the hall to accommodate larger meetings and presentations.


With retail tenants an elevator ride away such as Midici’s PizzaStarbucks, Dixie Belle Café, Boku Sushi, The Outpost, Houndstooth Kitchen and Eatery, Sanford Craft Brewery, Subway,  as well as 407 Gelato, Bam Barre and Burgerim Gourmet Burgers, we designed Maitland City Centre to be an oasis and destination that is meeting the demand of our times – a lifestyle where life and work come together for an enriching life where everyone can thrive and live their best lives.


I welcome you to come check out our Barn Door Experiment!










For Leasing Information Contact: (407) 599-6600 or



Click to watch this one-minute video on the Grand Opening of Maitland City Centre and where Mayor Dale McDonald and our Chairman and CEO, W. Allen Morris discuss the vision behind the development.

“The combination of Maitland City Centre and our park is a quantum leap in the place making process that gives us a pride in ownership that the City of Maitland never had.”

–Mayor Dale McDonald, City of Maitland

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