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60th Anniversary One-Minute Memories

W. Allen Morris shares his memory of when his father built South Florida’s first regional shopping center.

With so many retail shopping options in Miami today, it’s hard to imagine that until The Allen Morris Company built South Florida’s first regional shopping center in 1962, the only way to “shop” for something special was to make a trip to downtown on miles of mostly bad roads. In this 60-second video, W. Allen Morris shares his memory of when his father built South Florida’s first regional shopping center, changing the local shopping dynamic forever.


What does it take for a real estate development company to build a legacy that lasts?

What does it take for a real estate development company to build a legacy that lasts? Watch our latest 60-second video where our SVP, Thad Adams looks back on the projects that have established us as a leading real estate company in the Southeast.

How L. Allen Morris’ pioneering spirit led the way to the expansion of downtown Miami

There was a time when the area south of the Miami River was considered “no man’s land.” It’s hard to imagine it now since the latest US Census tract shows Brickell Avenue and surrounds as the densest population south of Manhattan! In this one-minute video vignette, our President and CEO, W. Allen Morris explains how his father’s pioneering spirit led the way to the expansion of downtown Miami when other’s teased him for building in an area no one would ever want to go.


Mallori Morris speaks of her grandfather,
L. Allen Morris’ vision

Taking a successful company into a second generation is often a challenge. Taking it into a third generation is nearly impossible, and so rarely happens! We at the Allen Morris Company are therefore especially proud now as we begin celebrating our 60th anniversary to have three of W. Allen Morris’ children working here. In this one-minute video vignette, Mallori Morris speaks of her grandfather, L. Allen Morris’ vision of creating a company that would grow and prosper beyond his own lifetime and how his sense of “legacy” has impacted her own life and career.

A legacy of integrity

As we celebrate our 60th anniversary, our President and CEO, W. Allen Morris, shares how his father’s wisdom and fundamental values of honesty and integrity set the tone for the Allen Morris Company, and how those attributes continue to guide the company now rolling into a third generation.


Yazmin looks back on her first days at the company

Nearly 16 years ago, Yazmin Gil interviewed for a job at the Allen Morris Company. The integrity, kindness, and family values she found in W. Allen Morris are ones she strives to instill in the company’s culture today as Treasurer.

How Alhambra Towers changed
the direction of the company

At the Allen Morris Company, our mission statement includes three small words: Inspire, Impress and Improve. Those three simple words describe how the company has operated for the past 60 years and continues to guide us today.

Lisel Morris Remembers a Childhood of Family Trips That Prepared her for carrying on the Family Business

The Allen Morris Company is rich in history and values that have guided our legacy and track record of success. Check out our latest video where our firm’s third generation shares their memories of growing up in a real estate family.

The Allen Morris Company’s thought process in designing live, work, play environments.

The way you create a vibrant downtown is the right mixture of residences and offices, and work places and retail, so that people can walk from their residence to their work to their shopping, back to work, back to meet friends after work and after hours.


How Alhambra Towers in Coral Gables became a pivotal point for the Allen Morris Company.

The award-winning Alhambra Towers in Coral Gables, Florida, is an iconic building in ‘The City Beautiful’ that also marks a pivotal point in the history of the Allen Morris Company. Perla Verdera, a longtime employee and Marketing Director, shares her recollection of when a dream became a reality for company President and CEO, W. Allen Morris.

The value of hard work.

W. Allen Morris had no plans to take over The Allen Morris Company. He had a great deal of respect for his father and saw how hard he worked.

The Secret to our competitive advantage

For a real estate company to last 60 years, it has to have a good team of people. In celebration of our 60th anniversary, Thad Adams, Sr. Vice President of the Allen Morris Company, says to be “good” means a lot more than just being talented. As he explains in this short video, it means having similar core values and work ethics.

The Only Thing Constant is Change

W. Allen Morris gives examples of  changes his father talked to him about as a young man just entering the commercial real estate business.


Working for a family friendly company has its advantages

Working for a family friendly company has its advantages. In this one-minute 60th anniversary video, Allen Morris Property Manager Dennis Sladek reminisces about his many years at a company that values the importance of family and how its unique family friendly atmosphere has impacted his life.

How and Why we are building today’s successful live, work, play developments.

W. Allen Morris explains how to create a vibrant mixed-use live/work/play project where human connection is the ultimate goal

The future looks bright!

The Allen Morris Company has grown exponentially over its 60 years and the future looks bright!  Spencer Morris, shares his vision of taking the family business into a third generation and where the company is headed

It’s all in the details.

In this one-minute 60th Anniversary video, Project Manager, reminisces about traveling with her dad, W. Allen Morris, and how those experiences as a youngster inspired her to examine even the most mundane of building design elements.

A new beginning for an old Florida city

Maitland has a whole new dynamic and vibe. It’s a new city, and even better than it was before! Here’s a 60-second video of the grand opening event of Maitland City Center and Independence Lance in which you can hear Mayor McDonald describe what this means to the City.

Great companies hire and keep the best employees.

Yazmin Gil is but one example at the Allen Morris company. Gil can still remember her job interview 16 years ago and tells us, in this 60-second, 60th anniversary video how her first impressions turned out to be true!

Is Gratitude Still Appropriate?

Lisel Morris, our Director of Investor Relations, tells the story of one of those inspiring encounters with her grandfather when she was a little girl. I invite you to listen to her story in this 60-second video.

What makes our company stand out.

Our Senior Vice President, Thad Adams, talks about what makes our company stand out in this one-minute video celebrating the Allen Morris Company’s 60thAnniversary

Why “High Density Development” gets a bad rap

Our final 60-second, 60th anniversary video W. Allen Morris speaks on the coming of age and return to the urban core for the next generation of workers and also retirees.